Our mission is to speak for the unified Phoenix Jewish Community by educating government leaders and office seekers of our Core Values and educating our community of candidates’ positions in relation to our Core Values.

1. Supporting Arizona’s Jewish Schools: We sacrifice to educate our children in the ways of our faith. We feel privileged to live in a state that supports School Tuition Organizations, which help our community members afford to send their children to Jewish day schools. We encourage continued support, brainstorming, and enhancing of programs that strengthen our schools and help parents afford to choose a Jewish day school education for their children.

2. Enhancing Local Security: We are alarmed at the rise of anti-Semitism and desire to live without fear for our physical safety. We encourage partnerships with the government that will help protect our gathering places from those who wish to cause us harm.

3. Strengthening the Arizona-Israel Relationship: The State of Israel is a key American ally and we support its right to exist as the world’s only Jewish State and defend itself from threats. We encourage investment in, and trade with, the “start-up nation”, which strengthens both Arizona’s and Israel’s economies.

4. Protecting Religious Freedom: Religious liberty must be protected to ensure a vibrant political and civil polity. We encourage legislation that preserves the right of individuals, institutions, and communities to operate in accordance with the dictates of their faith, and without fear of discrimination.

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